Automobile Paint Booth

Blowbal is consistent in supplying the highest quality automobile paint booths to our customers. A leader in paint booth technology, Blowbal manufactures an extensive line of automobile paint booths, including car paint booths, two wheeler paint booths, bus paint booths, truck spray paint booths and Commercial Vehicle Paint Booths.

Key Advantages:

Blowbal offers automobile shops and service centers a considerable number of advantages, including but not limited to:

  • Sturdy Construction based on advanced technology booths.
  • Custom design in multiple dimensions and sizes.
  • Precision-made and reasonably priced.
  • Easy-to-assemble & User-friendly.
  • Longer service life.

Car Paint Booth

Blowbal car paint booths are customised and designed to meet our customers’ unique requirements. Incorporated with up-to-date amenities and features, Blowbal booths find application in automobile OEMs and automobile garages.

Fast Delivery: We ensure that you will receive your car paint booths in a timely fashion. All components of our booths are made with quality materials and built based on advanced technologies, which helps in swift delivery.

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Two Wheeler Paint Booth

The advantages with Blowbal Two Paint Booths are innumerous. Blowbal Two Wheeler Paint Booths ensure highly durable and excellent performance resulting in high cost efficiency. Custom-designing is our forte, which has helped many of our customers.

Time-saving Modular Booths: The modular booths are easy to assemble. Our two wheeler booths fulfill exacting tolerances for easy assembly so you could spend more time for painting the vehicles.

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Bus Paint Booth

Bus paint booths are designed for buses and other heavy vehicles. The height, width and depth can be customized as per customers’ unique requirements. Booths are pre-centred for easy and swift assembly.

Ready-to- assemble: Our bus paint booths are quite easy to assemble as the panels align exactly, bolt holes are aligned as well as punched and window holes are perfect computer cut, to ensure swift and efficient assembly.

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Truck Spray Paint Booth

Blowbal truck paint booths and finishing systems are specifically and uniquely designed to meet custom requirements. Blowbal booths facilitate painters with a well-lit high-visibility workspace that flow air properly for spray application of flammable, combustible, and toxic materials.

Perfect Design: The paint booth work space is entirely enclosed and pressurized to ensure that paint overspray is effectively removed from the paint booth. Moreover, the dust particles and other contaminants are kept to a minimum within the workspace.

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Commercial Vehicle Paint Booth

Blowbal Commercial Vehicle Paint Booths are known for their sturdy construction, quality and long service life. Offered in different sizes and shapes, we help you to quickly assemble and set up your paint booths so that your production is swift and efficient.

Precision-made & affordable: Blowbal Commercial Vehicle Paint Booths are made using high quality standards and modern technology, yet can be purchased at a reasonable price point.

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