Automobile Paint Booth

Blowbal is consistent in supplying the highest quality automobile paint booths to our customers. A leader in paint booth technology, Blowbal manufactures an extensive line of automobile paint booths, including car paint booths, two wheeler paint booths, bus paint booths, truck spray paint booths and Commercial Vehicle Paint Booths.

  • Car Paint Booth
  • Two Wheeler Paint Booth
  • Bus Paint Booth
  • Truck Spray Booth Filter
  • Commercial Vechile Paint Booth
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Industrial Paint Booth

Blobal offers a diverse range of industrial finishing equipments including paint booths for businesses of all types and sizes. We are manufacturing high quality industrial paint booths for all industrial coating and spray applications for more than three decades.

  • Wet Type Paint Booth
  • Dry Type Paint Booth
  • Conveyor Paint Booth
  • Wind Mill Paint Booth
  • Powder Coating Booth
  • Conveyor Powder Coating Booth
  • Dust Collection Paint Booth
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Commercial Paint Booth

Blowbal offers supreme quality paint booth filters that ensure that your paint booth is productive, consistent and efficient most of the time. We offer all types of paint booth services to our customers.

  • Pre-Filters
  • Ceiling Filters
  • Paint Stop Filters
  • Paint Arresting Filters
  • Active Carbon Filters
  • Bag Filters
  • Floor Filters
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Industrial Oven

Blowbal manufactures all kind of industrial ovens for diverse industrial applications. Capable of withstanding high temperature, we ensure that our industrial ovens are ideal for heavy duty applications. Our industrial ovens are easy to assemble, come up with efficient loading and unloading mechanism and can be customized if needed.

  • Electrical Oven
  • Diesel Oven
  • Gas Oven
  • Infrared Oven
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