Dust Collection Paint Booth

Dust collection paint booths are used to remove dust particles. Blowbal Dust Collection Paint Booths ensures a clean and neat working atmosphere by removing all the dust particles from the workspace.

Better Productivity: The dust collector efficiently pulls out the dust from the operators’ breathing zone and facilitates a healthier work atmosphere. Dust collection systems are useful for housekeeping purposes.

Industries Served: Blowbal dust collection paint booths find application in Wood industries, Fiber Glass, Marble, Plastic, Carbon, Ceramic, Steel, Grinding, Welding, Sanding, Soldering, Smoke, Fumes, Surface Finishing and Metalworking.


  • Ideal for removal of dust from paint booths.
  • Can be used effectively in housekeeping activities.
  • Equipped with filter bags and blowers for better performance.
  • Finds application in versatile and diverse industries.
  • Cost effective and long-lasting.