Truck Spray Paint Booth

Blowbal truck paint booths and finishing systems are specifically and uniquely designed to meet custom requirements. Blowbal booths facilitate painters with a well-lit high-visibility workspace that flow air properly for spray application of flammable, combustible, and toxic materials.

Perfect Design: The paint booth work space is entirely enclosed and pressurized to ensure that paint overspray is effectively removed from the paint booth. Moreover, the dust particles and other contaminants are kept to a minimum within the workspace.

Secure & Cost-efficient: This allows the painter to work in a safe and healthy environment within the paint booth while giving them proper conditions for a high-quality finish that does not require extensive buffing or repainting, once the job is done.


  • Dimensions External
  • Length A
  • Width B
  • Height H without Basement
  • Height H with Basement
  • Dimensions Internal
  • Length A
  • Width B
  • Height H
  • Air Circulating System
  • Heating System
  • Lighting System