Painting Booth Filter

Why Painting Booth Filters For a paint booth to work fine, the filters must be changed regularly. The filters arrest the dust and ensure that the environment in the booth dust-free as well as clean. Blowbal offers supreme quality paint booth filters that ensure that your paint booth is productive, consistent and efficient most of the time. We offer all types of paint booth services to our customers.



Blowbal pre-filters are made from ultra fiber glass. Hence it is easy to handle. Our paint booth filters are extensively used in industrial as well as commercial applications. Pre-filters are placed outside the paint booth towards the right or left side. They can be used to efficiently filter incoming air or outgoing or exhausted air.

Ceiling Filters

Ceiling filters are placed on the roof of the paint booth. A ceiling filter usually lasts for maximum 8 to 9 months customised to meet customers’ unique needs. They are effective in collecting dust from the roof side. These filters can be.

The sizes we offer are:
  • Meter x 20 Meter (Rolls)
  • 1.5 Meter x 20 Meter(Rolls)
  • Meter x 20 Meter(Rolls)

Paint Stop Filters

Paint stop filters can be placed inside the paint booth, on the floor and left, right and back side of the booth. The duration or effectiveness is maximum 200 hours. Such filters are not appropriate for oil based paint.

The available sizes are:
  • 0.8 Meter x 20 Meter (Rolls)
  • Meter x 20 Meter (Rolls)
  • 1.5 Meter x 20 Meter(Rolls)
  • Meter x 20 Meter(Rolls)

Paint Arresting Filters

Blowbal offers top class paint arresting filters, which are fibre glass exhaust filters. These filters are designed exclusively to collect paint overspray. Ultra-Glass Fibre filter is available in both rolls as well as cut pads.


Active Carbon Filters

Activated carbon filters are to be placed outside the paint booth. It is mainly utilised to control the paint smell during the painting period. Blowbal active carbon filters are reliable, safe and cost-effective.

Bag Filters

Bag filters are the main type of filters. The main function of a bag filter is to collect dust from the whole paint booth. It helps in avoiding pollution and also contributes to a clean as well as green atmosphere.

Bag filters mostly find application in wood industries. Blowbal is offering bag filters for a number of years to quality-conscious customers and earned the goodwill of them due to the quality we maintain.